FAQ's for Hard of Heart

  • What is this book about?

This book is about Kaleb Hunter, a young war veteran (early 20's) who comes home from war and is changed in a way that his family and friends don't understand.  His best friend's sister, Alexa, has been been one of his best friends since childhood, but there was always something more to their relationship.  Alexa is determined to finally tell Kaleb how she feels about him, but the man who returns home from war is not the same as the Kaleb she remembers.  Alexa struggles to help Kaleb open up about his time at war and how it's affected him.  She wants to help him find peace, but mostly she wants him to accept her love for him, and help him love himself again.

  • Is this book about PTSD?

Yes and No.  I don't believe that "PTSD" is an illness.  The media and fiction have portrayed people who are affected by violence in a way that makes them seem crazy or ill.  This book will change that, or so I hope.  This book shows that when at war, the person who grabs their weapon at every loud bang is smart, not crazy.  The man who is constantly searching his surroundings and looking for a clear exit is going to stay alive.  These people aren't crazy, it's just that when they return to a place of peace, they have to learn how to shut these instincts off.  The ones who are emotionally affected, are not weak or mentally damaged, they are merely human.

  • Is it still going to be a romance, or will it be more of a military or drama novel?

Romance all the way.  Yes it will be more gritty with a military aspect, and deeply emotional, but it will be a romance novel.  The one thing all of my sources had in common was this; they all said that love was/is the most important part of dealing with their experiences.  Love didn't "cure" them, or make them better, but it gave them something to fight for.  It was their push.

  • How steamy will this book be?

I'm not sure yet.  I don't want sex to be the focus, but I know that intimacy is important in a relationship.  I've found that intimacy is actually something that a lot of people with PTSD struggle with, so it could end up being focused on in that aspect, but it's not going to be an erotic or sexual novel.  It will still be a romance so that tension will be present, but it won't be the focus.

  • Will this be a standalone, or part of a series?

Standalone.  However, there is a lot of ground to cover in this book, so it will be a long one. 

  • How old are the characters?

College aged, so technically it will be a New Adult CR.

  • Why did you decide to write this book?

All of the important people in my life are military.  My husband, sister, brother, father, best friend, cousin, and about 20 other close friends are military.  A bunch of them have been overseas and several of them have been diagnosed with some form of PTSD.  None of them are my sources, in order to keep their stories private, but they all at one point or another have expressed serious displeasure with the way our veterans are portrayed in the media or fiction.  I personally have had an issue with it for years, and when I started writing, it became really important to me to do my part to change that warped perception.

  • You've said that you are going to donate a portion of the proceeds.   How much and to which organization?

I'm not sure on the amount yet.  It will probably end up being a percentage of the proceeds for the first several months of sale.  I want to donate to the Wounded Warrior Program.  I still need to contact them, but that is my goal.  If it doesn't work out, I'll find another one.

  • When will it be released?
Get back to me on that one.  LOL.  I'm not going to rush this one.  I hope around new years or early February time, but who knows.  I'll keep everyone posted.

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