About The Author

I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming and work for the Wyoming Department of Revenue.  I'm a wife to a U.S. Army Soldier and mother to a beautiful 4 year old little girl.  In 2012 I had read about 300 books that year and had a ton of stories floating around in my head.  I finally just sat down at the computer one day and starting writing.  At first I had no intention of even telling anyone I was writing a book, I was just enjoying it.  About ten chapters into it, I started to get really emotionally involved with my characters and decided to tell my family about it.  They urged me to finish writing, and Sapphire Universe was born.  I did some research and heard a little about self publishing.  Despite all of my fears of rejection and failure, I decided to give my characters the chance to be heard, and self-published Sapphire Universe as an ebook.  I plan on writing two more books in The Universe Series and have a few ideas for a Paranormal series.  I love reading and writing and plan on doing both until I can no longer see or hold a pen.

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