Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Giveaway!!! Help me spread the word!!

As most of you know, I have re-released Sapphire Universe into the world with a new cover, a new format, and new editing. To celebrate, I have a couple things going on. First I will be having a giveaway on amazon where Sapphire Universe will be free for 48 hours starting on the 15th. Thats TOMORROW people!!! So run down and get your copy.
Also, the amazing Natalie Catalano from Love Between the Sheets Book Blog, is organizing Sapphire Universe's blog tour, scheduled for June 24th-June 29th. Tons of stops and lots of new stuff ahead for that so keep your eyes and ears open for updates.
Since my superhero hubby found my USB containing the majority of Dark Universe I have been working my tail off to get this book finished and ready for editing so that I can have Lola and Drake's story to you by the end of July!!! This one is a tad steamier than SU, because well, you know how Lola is ;) so be prepared for that.
On that note I will leave you with some teasers for both Sapphire Universe and Dark Universe. Have a great tuesday!!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Sapphire Universe has a new cover!!!!
Check it out!!!

You love it don't you :)
The cover was designed by Richard Luciano and image was supplied by Beth Michele.