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Love Scene from Connor's POV.

She will never know what she just gave me. Even when I do tell her the truth about everything, it will still be impossible for her to understand. Ever since I realized what a lie I had been living in New York, I’ve been afraid that I’d be stuck straddling two half-lives. Having something in my future to look forward to, somewhere to call home, and someone to call mine, is more than I even thought to ask for. Until Nina. Since meeting her, I’ve practically begged and pleaded for those things. Right now, it’s hard to care what kind of man that makes me, not while I’m holding her body against mine, tasting her lips, breathing her in.

Her legs tighten around me, ankles locking behind my back in an attempt to keep me from escaping. As if I would ever want to leave this prison. I can’t stop my body from rocking forward, pressing my hardness into her softness for just a taste of what its craving. A breathy moan escapes Nina and echoes between our mouths. Her lips linger on mine with each word spoken, four sweet brushes of skin and breath, and it takes me several seconds to separate the words from the sensations.
Make love to me.

The words stun me, and I break the kiss to stare at her, completely shocked at these turn of events. Even after agreeing to move in with me, I never thought that she might be ready for this. A thousand thoughts run through my head in the span of a couple seconds, but the loudest is the one screaming at me that I don’t deserve her, that I’m lying to her and when she finds out, she will never forgive me. My will to have her it seems is much stronger than my honorable side, because even the truth of those thoughts isn’t enough to stop me from having her.

I always imagined that when this moment would come, I would be a gentleman. I imagined myself asking her if she was sure, promising her that I could wait, that there was no rush, but the second those four sweet syllables reached my lust addled brain, all of that went right out the window. Looking into her large desire filled eyes, all I can think about is getting inside of her. My brain is still stuck on repeat, playing her words over and over again, trying to find any hint of discomfort or insincerity in her words. My body however, is several steps ahead, determined to make this woman belong to me before my brain can come up with a reason not to.

The air in my lungs is shallow and thin. I pull away briefly to loosen my tie in an attempt to dispel the pressure on my airways. Just as I’m about to reach for her again, Nina’s small hands reach up to unbutton my shirt with a confidence and calmness I’ve rarely ever witnessed from her before, and I hold my breath completely. When her fingers do begin to tremble as they finish their task, I can see in her eyes that it’s not from fear, or doubt, but passion. Lust, and want, and need, all rolled into one undeniable package.

I practically rip the shirt off my back before reaching for Nina’s and stripping it from her body slowly, carefully. I’m going to want her to wear that shirt again at some point. When I get a glimpse of what lies underneath, I waste no time throwing it as far across the room as I possibly can manage with my eyes glued to the pale green bra trimmed in black lace covering the most luscious swells of creamy white flesh I’ve ever laid eyes on. I mumble some barely coherent praise and reach to remove the beautiful fabric from her breasts, but freeze when I feel Nina’s fingers reach for the fly of my jeans.

It doesn’t say much about my control when one small brush of her fingers against my still covered cock is enough to short circuit my brain, but there it is. In half a second, I have my jeans removed and am dragging Nina’s skirt over her hips.

And then, I completely lose my shit. Again.
Mother fucking garters!

"GARTERS, NINA!" She’s trying to kill me. "HOLY SHIT!" Wait a minute… "You wore these to work?" The only thing stopping me from spanking her is the fact that she teaches grade school. Most of those kids don’t even know what garters are…but it’s those 6th graders I’m not so sure about. I was a horny bastard in 6th grade, and if I had a teacher that looked like Nina, and I found out she wore garters under her pencil skirts…

 "I don’t know if I should spank you or bow down at your feet. It’s a good thing that skirt is so long. You would have ruined the little boy who saw these." Her answering giggle sends a new rush of blood south of the border and I snap back into focus and finish removing her clothing. I close my mouth around a dusky pink nipple and flick the tight little bud with my tongue exactly the way I know will drive her crazy. I’m so focused on feeling and tasting each one of her breasts that my boxers are bunched around my thighs before I even notice her struggling to get them off. I watch as her eyes narrow, and her hand reaches out. My hand reflects hers and our timing is perfect. I practically convulse when her perfect, warm hand closes around my swollen length just as my fingers reach her hot, wet center. There is no turning back now, but somehow, even drowning in my own need, I manage to think of her first.

"Are you sure, Princess?"
Please be sure.

She places the sweetest kiss I’ve ever tasted on my lips and I can feel the smile form around her words. "I want you, Connor."

My eyes clench shut as the last syllable leaves her lips. Three little words, so close, yet so far from what I’m dying to hear, but it’s enough for now. I cling to reason long enough to remember one last detail.

"I saw your birth control in your bathroom. If you’ve been taking it and you trust me, I don’t want anything between us. I have a condom, and if you want me to use it I will. It’s your choice."
Always your choice.

Her answer barely reaches my ears before I’m pushing into her. Pleasure burns through my blood and starts to build all too soon. I grab her thigh to pull one leg up over my hip, opening her as I rock forward the last inch and freeze in place, giving her time to adjust, and me some time to regain control. Nina, never one to let me be in control, anchors her sharp little nails into my ass and thrusts her hips up off the bed, almost sending me off right then and there.

"FUCK NINA!" I practically roar as she forces me deeper inside of her soft, tight body.

"Move your ass, Connor." Nina moans, and of course she’s smirking at me.

Goddamn I love this woman. As much as I’m bursting to say the words out loud, I don’t want there to be any doubt in her mind the first time I say them. The last thing I need is her chalking up my confession of love as being "in the moment." What I can do, is show her with my body what I can’t say with words.

With her urging, I give in to every instinct I have and pin her hips down as I drag slowly out, and thrust back in. I ignore the pulsing pressure in my cock and barely increase my pace with each push and pull. Using every bit of focus I have, I tune into her breathing and her moans, twisting and lifting my hips with each stroke, waiting for the sign. Her soft cries spur me on, and I grab both of her legs, push them back into her chest, then thrust deep earning a high pitched gasp from Nina just as her nails dig into the skin on my back.

A rush of male pride floods my body and I can’t help the arrogant chuckle that escapes me. "I think we’ve found it, Princess." I taunt, and then begin my assault.

Making sure to maintain the angle, I pound into her harder and harder with every second. Sweat rolls down back and her nails scrape across my damp skin causing tremors to take over my muscles as they flex and release with the force of my thrusts. As though in tune with mine, I begin to feel the telltale small ripples tense and release within Nina. Her moans turn to keens, growing louder and louder as does the sound of skin hitting skin.

The feel of her pulsing around me is the sweetest torture, threatening to unravel me too soon. My whole body tightens with the effort to hold back, yet maintain the steady rhythm. I look down into Nina’s eyes and see her hanging on the edge, and I’ve never wanted to watch someone fall more than I do in this moment. "Let go, Nina."
Fall into me, fall for me. "I’ve got you." I’ll catch you.

Nina cries out in pleasure as her body tenses and I lose myself inside of her. The rest of the room goes black as I continue to revel in her climax, thrusting madly. Her fingers brush across my chest and the gentle touch, so at odds with my chaotic motions, sends complete rapture shooting down my spine. It takes a few minutes for me to stop shaking, but when I do, I have only one thought. Holy shit, I think I’m dead.

"I was right," I tell her truthfully, "I’ll never survive you." I peel my lids back from my eyes and gaze down into the most beautiful face I’ve ever laid eyes on. A fierce joy spreads to my bones at the sight of the woman I love relaxed and clinging to me with trust in her eyes. Her eyes close once and when they reopen, those bright green orbs fill with tears, and my joy turns to dread.

Nina's All About Me:

Hi my name's Nina. Jesus, this sounds like an AA meeting doesn’t it? My name is Nina and I’ve been sober for about a week. I blame José. Just kidding. Anyway, some nosey author wrote a book about me called "Sapphire Universe". As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, I now have to write out some small "All About Me" or whatever. I guess there are people out there who want to get to know me, which is a little bit out of the ordinary so please, bear with me.

I’m pretty much just your average girl, except I have a few not-so-average quirks. Normal is overrated though, right? I have what I like to call "foot-in-mouth syndrome." Basically that pesky hole in my face likes to spout out at the most inconvenient times. I’m still working on that.

Gravity hates me. I’m sure of it. The feeling is also completely mutual. I’ll put it this way, if I went into a biker bar and met a Hell’s Angel; I would feel totally confident starting a competition of "Who has the most injuries/scars." No joke, I would win every single time.

My last quirk-or the last one I’ll share with you anyway- is a little more complicated than a rebellious tongue.
Minds out of the gutter people! How do I put this? I guess I better just come out and say it. I speak to the Universe. I know, I know, it’s super weird, but once you’ve heard my whole story, it might make some more sense to you. And if not, maybe you’ll just get a laugh or two reading about me making a jackass out of myself.

My family life is, complicated, and also non-existent. I have a best friend Lola, and that’s it. Literally. I wish I could just tell you why, but I just can’t go there. It’s one of my rules. That would be like handing you all a loaded gun and painting a target on my face. Let’s just say, I have a dramatic past. One that took away my family and my ability to trust people, especially men.

So, check out my story to get a laugh at my expense and all the juicy gossip of my past and present. The Universe likes to mess with me, so there is sure to be some drama and who knows, maybe I’ll meet some new people to add to my short list of friends and family. Ha-ha! NOT!


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